The Recycling Process

RecyclingAt The Hall State School, our recycling program is a part of a holistic approach that includes teaching students:-

  • How to recycle
  • The importance of recycling
  • How recycling helps the environment.

Students are involved at all stages of the recycling process which revolves around a coloured coded bin system. There are three coloured bins in all classrooms and staff rooms.

  • BLUE is used for food scraps
  • YELLOW is for all recyclables including poppers, cans, bottles and containers. Our yellow bin parallels the Local Council colour coding system.
  • RED is for glad wrap, alfoil and plastic bags. We encourage waste free lunches.

The stages of the process include:

  • At lunchtime, children eat in their classrooms and sort rubbish into the three coloured buckets.
  • Monitors from each class take the buckets to the recycling area
  • All waste is sorted
  • Containers are cleaned and stored ready to be collected for recycling
  • The food scraps are used in our compost bins and worm farms
  • At the end of each day, the school cleaners bring all rubbish left in the classrooms to the recycling area to be recycled.

Waste Free Lunches

Waste Free Tuesdays and participation in NUDE FOOD days promote the reduction of the amount of non-recyclable packaging used in lunches.

General Waste is also recycledRecycling partnership

Batteries, phones and ink cartridges are also collected for recycling.

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